Karen Thomas – Woodstock, GA

My recent visit to Fountain View Dentistry for veneers was a relaxing and nice experience. I am not good with going to the dentist because of experiences with a dentist in my childhood. Dr. Harden knows this and is very understanding. His staff is always professional and kind. I couldn’t be more pleased with my new veneers! I have a new smile and I love it!

Thanks Fountain View!

“My new patient experience at Fountain View Dentistry was the most thorough exam I ever had, and the doctor and staff made me feel involved and aware of my dental needs. I could really tell that they genuinely cared about me and loved what they were doing. I could even relax at the dentist because of the bubbling fountains and beautiful sky and stars in the ceiling.” Jan Smith

“Fountain View Dentistry has earned my trust and respect for years by providing a high standard of care for me and my entire family to enjoy.” 

Senator Chip Rogers

Dr. Harden,

I want to express my appreciation for all of the dental work that you have done to me. I moved to Cherokee County after my retirement in 2006 and started looking for a good and competent dentist. During my years while residing in Florida, I had two periodontal surgeries, which left me with little bone support. I started then to take good care of my teeth and had some work done plus regular cleanups every three months, since I didn’t want to lose any teeth. I can remember my mother advising me to try to avoid dentures at all costs, since she did have to wear them and had all kinds of problems with them. I am glad that I was able to find you, since I still had dental work undone. You have been my dentist now for two years. All of my back teeth have been crowned, and have no decay, my bite is now leveled, and my missing teeth have been replaced with a bridge besides getting a whitening job. I am 68 years old and feel proud of not wearing any dentures thanks to your nice work. I feel confident that with my regular visits and following your directions that I will be able to keep all of my teeth as they are for the rest of my life. Again, thank you for a job well done!


Alberto Berrios